Fourth of July 2021 – Made in America

DBC employees pushing pallet of prefabricated panels through Phoenix facility

Getting into the 4th of July spirit, Digital Building Components is proud to be founded and headquartered right here in the USA in Phoenix, AZ. In honor of Independence Day, we’re highlighting how our custom exterior and structural wall systems are helping transform the future of the American construction industry and supporting commercial building growth.

Supporting New Commercial Builds Nationwide

From healthcare to student housing, Digital Building’s prefabricated structures have met the needs of numerous new builds across the country. We’ve produced high-quality, project-specific products, while also providing much-needed scheduling and skilled labor relief—key as the U.S. skilled trade labor shortage heightens. For example:

  • In the case of a recent student housing project in Northern California, our digital prefabrication process provided 60 days of scheduling relief.
  • In addition to speeding up schedules, our direct-from-the-model approach helps reduce labor-related challenges. In fact, our work at Texas Digital, a rehabilitation center in Houston, made it possible for eight workers to complete in mere weeks what would have taken approximately 60 workers onsite to construct in three-and-a-half months.

Preserving Costly Resources

Our digitally native process not only saves valuable time, but it also saves valuable resources. Since 40% of solid waste in the U.S. derives from construction and demolition, Digital Building is committed to reducing each project’s carbon footprint. This is done by building directly from the model to ensure each product is uniquely manufactured to near exact project specifications. The result is a lean construction operation with nearly zero material waste. Another way Digital Building conserves resources is by working with U.S.-based vendors. Local material procurement creates an efficient supply chain and streamlines shipping and transportation. In turn, this helps curtail the consumption of fossil fuels and their associated emissions.

American Innovation Keeping Employees Safe

Digital Building Components also places great emphasis on transforming the construction environment for our skilled workers creating prefab wall systems right here in Phoenix, AZ. While traditional construction sites are often considered to be high risk work environments, our commitment to worker health and safety occurs around the clock:

  • Automation inherently decreases the wear and tear on skilled trade workers’ bodies and allows for ergonomic work setups.
  • Our digitally native, quality- and performance-controlled process mitigates common jobsite risks found in traditional onsite construction, such as scaffolding, falling debris and hazardous clutter.
  • As a matter of fact, our dedication to health and safety has provided two plus years without a recordable safety incident.

Thanks to our computer-controlled-construction methods, Digital Building Components will continue revolutionizing building projects around the country. If you are a developer interested in American- made wall systems, let’s work together. Connect with us at: [email protected]

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