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A welder wearing PPE working in a warehouse.
Workers on a job site wearing PPE building with panelized wall systems.
Exterior rendering of a four story builder with cyclists in the foreground.

Customized Prefabrication

We ensure predictable outcomes through customized panels that work for your building.

Direct from the model

A Different Way to Build

Digital Building Components, founded in 2016, focuses on advancing the way the industry builds. We are a collaborative team of engineers, modelers, designers, managers, fabricators, and builders that can help determine which prefabricated components are right for your project.

Countless hours of model coordination are efficiently transformed into precisely manufactured components using our digital fabrication approach. This method significantly reduces the need for rethinking and remeasuring, as each product is crafted to meet your project's specific specifications. 

Our unique integration of automated technology with skilled craftsmanship takes place in a controlled factory setting, optimizing the construction process. This synergy results in a lean construction operation characterized by minimal material waste and reduced labor costs in the field.

By utilizing automated machines that build components directly from the model, we eliminate the need for paper drawings, reducing both waste and the chance of human error.

The Result? A smarter, quicker, and more effective way of constructing buildings.

Two workers wearing PPE support a hoisted panel system.

Find the product that's right for your project

Digital Building Components offers panelized exterior wall systems and structural cold-form metal framing systems for use in a variety of construction projects.

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Made Just for You

Digital Building Components products work for a number of project types and building uses. From hotels to data centers, our products are making it easier to prefabricate. See how our panelized systems have been used on projects like yours.

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