Ten Reasons to Consider a Career at Digital Building Components

Happy National Manufacturing Day from all of us here at Digital Building Components! Today, we’re joining with companies and educational institutions across the nation to celebrate the manufacturing workforce and inspire a new generation of creators.

While building the future of our nation’s workforce is always a priority here at Digital Building, the manufacturing industry is at a pivotal turning point. The National Association of Manufacturers reports, “manufacturers will need to hire 4 million workers between now and 2030 to account for growth and fill positions left open by retiring workers, according to a recent study by Deloitte and the MI. Yet 2.1 million of those jobs could go unfilled because of the skills gap.” With over 900,000 open manufacturing jobs—a record high—the time is now to educate youth about the incredible pathways in modern manufacturing.

One option for potential manufacturing professionals to consider is the booming prefab industry. The sector is forecasted to increase 5.66% each year through 2028, according to a market report released on Globe Newswire. As manufacturers continue to adopt automated systems, workers within the prefabrication industry are able to help shape the future of construction and contribute to the renaissance of American manufacturing. With so many prefab companies offering new opportunities to join the workforce of tomorrow, we’ve complied ten reasons why you might consider a rewarding career path here at Digital Building Components.

  • We hold ourselves to industry standards: All Digital Building products are certified under the annual International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, (IAPMO) report. This certification means that all of our building products, materials and designs have been evaluated and labeled and are in compliance with required codes and standards.
  • We value safety: Here, we take jobsite safety seriously and the proof is in the numbers. We’ve gone approximately 905 days without a recordable safety incident.
  • We’re changing the way the industry builds: Using proprietary software in our factory-controlled environment, we can fabricate up to 3,000 sq. ft. of wall panels a day to exact project standards.
  • We keep projects moving: Our fabrication process yields higher quality, faster. In fact, in just 5 years, Digital Building has managed to complete 50+ projects.
  • We’re making a difference for our customers: With our computer-controlled manufacturing process, products can be fabricated and installed up to 25% faster than the traditional construction approach. This can save up to 20% in overall project costs.
  • We optimize production: Digital Building has had as many as six projects running through the plant floor at the same time.
  • We prioritize sustainability: At Digital Building, we know that sustainable production is an inherited responsibility of manufacturing. For this reason, we aim to lower our ecological footprint by recycling all metal scraps. Our lean prefab process also greatly reduces the carbon emissions typically created in traditional construction.
  • We provide guidance: No matter what your skillset is coming into Digital Building Components, we’ll help you attain the skillset you need to succeed. In fact, by offering hands on training to all our employees, we’ve educated techs with no experience in plastering, electrical, install, welding, drywall and many other trades. They’re now critical to the success of our projects and collaborative efforts.
  • We ensure quality: Our skilled quality control team inspects and documents all fabricated panels at Digital Building via our app to ensure each one meets our stringent standards.
  • We promote collaboration: Believing modular methods are the next frontier in construction, we work with other progressive industry players to maximize project outcomes and show just how valuable prefab is. For example, Digital Building works with SurePods modular bathrooms to strengthen the overall prefab process and create turnkey solutions.

Interested? Check out our about page to see updates on the modular manufacturing industry and explore job opportunities at our Phoenix, AZ, headquarters. In addition to this, make sure to have yourself a festive Manufacturing Day!

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