Digital Building Closeup – Empowering a Culture of Proactive Safety

Traditionally, the construction industry is associated with being a dangerous working environment. This is in part due to heavy machinery, high traffic, lofty heights and sometimes irregular work conditions that make accidents incredibly hard to avoid on site. In fact, injury rates within this industry are on average 71% higher than in other industries. With alarming statistics like this in mind, Digital Building’s prefabricated manufacturing process is consistently working to change the narrative of hazardous building, just as they have since the company’s inception. In fact, with an emphasis on workplace safety, Digital Building has managed to go approximately 905 days without a recordable safety incident.

One of the ways Digital Building is able to maintain such a safe work environment is by operating within a factory-controlled setting. This largely eliminates unforeseen variables such as extreme weather that can bring about unsafe working conditions on traditional jobsites. Another common danger for construction workers is the threat of falling from great heights while on the job. For this reason, all work done by employees within our factory is performed at ground level, effectively removing these fall hazards by preventing the possibility all together.

Another way we invest in furthering safety is by introducing new methods of building that improve our craft without compromising our workers’ health. By leveraging the advancements in technology, the majority of our manufacturing process relies on computer-controlled systems and our proprietary patented software. This allows us to feed fabrication data directly from the model to our production line of automatic and robotic machines to create precise-to-spec components. Not only does this alleviate the bodily feeling of overwork and deterioration commonly experienced on traditional construction sites, but it also mitigates the number of injuries caused by miscommunication or equipment errors. In fact, precarious tasks such as cutting, measuring and welding are all done through the power of automation.

Want to learn more about the part Digital Building plays in increasing safety in construction? Check out our YouTube video celebrating safety week, or our blog on how technology creates safer work environments.

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