Digital Building Close Up: Meeting the Need for Speed

According to the U.S Chamber of Commerce’s most recent Commercial Construction Index, 88% of contractors report moderate to high levels of difficulty finding skilled workers. Of those, 56% report a challenge in meeting project schedule requirements and nearly a third (35%) are turning down work all together.

As these widespread labor shortages continue to impact traditional construction’s ability to remain competitive, prefabricated building is proving to be an attractive option for its ability to keep projects moving even with a lower workforce. By building off-site in a controlled factory environment, consolidating trade work and creating precise solutions, the modular manufacturing process is helping to meet the need for speed using advanced technology. At Digital Building, here are three ways we’re seeing prefabricated building accelerate construction timelines.

Reduce onsite assembly work

Built in a factory-controlled setting, Digital Building’s prefabricated solutions can accelerate timelines by using automatic and robotic machines like our CNC roller. Not only can this machine produce multiple studs and tracks, but it can also operate about ten times faster that the current industry standard. With the ability to maximize efficiency offsite, Digital Building helps to optimize productivity onsite. Specifically, our offsite manufacturing process enables teams to continue concurrent construction, ensuring faster build times and minimizing hours spent assembling on the job site.

Do more with less

With automated technology building each component directly from the model, Digital Building requires less ground level labor than traditional construction. All measuring and cutting tasks are handled by computer-controlled machines that ensure components perform and fit exactly to specification. Plus, a high percentage of Digital Building’s welding is done through an automated robotic arm. This removes yet another significant piece of the manual portion involved in constructing panels and significantly lessens the impact of the skilled labor shortage squeeze.

Minimize rework

Another one of the main hinderances to completing a project on time can come from design induced errors. With multiple trades involved in the construction process and a limited workforce, these mistakes can cause major setbacks in scheduling. With Digital Building, these complexities are all removed by automated machines that are able to sense any discrepancies or faults in the model and automatically adjust. This process largely eliminates the margin for human error and saves additional time and labor that is typically spent on rework.

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