Debunking the Myth: The Design Capacity of Prefabricated Construction

As greater technological advancements are introduced to the world of construction, prefabricated building is quickly becoming a favorable solution within the industry. This comes as no surprise to us here at Digital Building Components, as our technology allows us to efficiently produce components in direct accordance with a building’s architecture—improving any project’s quality and productivity.

Yet, despite these advantages, myths about modular construction still linger. Specifically, the misconception surrounding prefabrication’s capacity for customization and the idea that high scale production equates to boilerplate design. While this belief historically influenced the popularity of the prefab industry, today, companies like Digital Building Components are debunking this myth by using advanced technology that supports a highly creative approach with endless design possibilities.

In fact, by using digitally native prefabrication, 90% of all Digital Building solutions are custom projects. In the past 5 years we’ve completed approximately 50 projects—that means 45 projects featured uniquely tailored solutions. This is all thanks to our proprietary software that is able produce components directly from a collaboratively created virtual model. Unlike other prefabrication companies, who require numerous templates and fixture changes to achieve customized solutions, all of our fabrication occurs through data that is sent from the model and fed to our automatic equipment. With this approach, Digital Building is able to seamlessly provide more in-depth and extensive customization without any additional involvement or added complexities. We can then batch produce large quantities of project-specific solutions, proving computer-controlled construction actually enhances customization capabilities and variability.

Along with nearly unlimited design potential, Digital Building also guarantees a high-quality end result by ensuring each product is manufactured precise-to-spec. The automated technology makes certain all of our solutions are built to a uniform standard, eliminating the differing measures of quality that often stem from miscommunications during traditional construction. This not only helps improve productivity, but it also helps eliminate several wasteful steps like rework and human error in order to yield superior project-specific products.

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