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    Technology In Construction Part 3 - How Digitally Advanced Prefabrication Simplifies the Construction Process – (read more)

    The conversation surrounding technology in prefab construction often focuses on its productivity advantages. While speed-to-market and greater yield are certainly welcome benefits in a market facing skilled labor challenges and cost overruns, they are not the only benefits of digitally advanced prefabrication. In our third Technology in Construction installment, we’ll cover how it can simplify the construction process. From eliminating rework to improving energy efficiency, digitally native design can streamline operations from planning through final installation.

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    Technology in Construction Part 2 – Delivering Superior Quality, Custom Prefab Solutions – (read more)

    In the second installment of our “Technology in Construction” series, we’re exploring how modular construction methods deliver completely customizable, precise-to-spec solutions that would have been unimaginable even just a few decades ago. If you caught our first Technology in Construction blog, then you already know there’s no compromising on quality and design for speed. Next, we’ll examine how digitally native and automated systems go a step beyond exact production and enable high-quality, customizable exterior and structural wall systems and components.

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    Technology in Construction Part 1 – (read more)

    Speed-to-Market with the Assistance of Digital Fabrication

    From senior living communities to student dormitories and everything in between, commercial and multifamily housing developers understand the important role speed-to-market can play in a project’s success. Delays from weather, material availability and skilled labor shortages can lead to cost overruns and create a negative public perception of the project before it even opens. To ensure faster build times, it’s no surprise developers are turning to the off-site, prefab model to enable concurrent construction. But what many don’t realize is how much the technology behind the modular manufacturing process drives speed.

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    Fourth of July 2021 – Made in America – (read more)

    Getting into the 4th of July spirit, Digital Building Components is proud to be founded and headquartered right here in the USA in Phoenix, AZ. In honor of Independence Day, we’re highlighting how our custom exterior and structural wall systems are helping transform the future of the American construction industry and supporting commercial building growth.

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    Celebrating Construction Safety Week 2021! – (read more)

    Digital Building has gone 2+ years without a recordable safety incident. That can be directly correlated to the relentless pursuit that the staff has shown to create a safe environment for everyone. “It’s a remarkable achievement, and I’m proud of each and every one of the team members for making that happen,” said Toby Bartlett.

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