Digital Building Components creates digitally prefabricated structures that streamline construction processes and minimize timelines. But how exactly do we achieve reliable, rapid delivery and installation?

Digital Building’s X-Series (Exterior) and S-Series (Structural) have similar processes. After each manufactured panel passes rigorous quality inspections, our team loads each one onto a truck bed for shipping. The delivery trucks are specifically designed per sequence to quickly and easily load and secure the panels. Our products may sometimes be shrink-wrapped for protection during transportation.

Job site supervisors anticipate the panel delivery and prepare accordingly. The panels typically have a hook-like attachment on one side for easy lifting and placement. We refer to this phase as ‘Panel Flying,’ where our team places each panel according to the project plans.

After our team finishes placing and securing the panels, a new phase begins. Digital Building can add drywall elements to both X-Series and S-Series panels depending on the project. One of our prefabrication advantages is having the panels ready for placement and drywall preparation and installation. We save a significant amount of time using this method and increase overall job site safety. Next, our team may add more finishes onto the drywall, such as paint color or exterior stuccoing. Unique, custom elements may be incorporated into each Digital Building project, as each project is made-to-order and custom designed and built.

After panel installation, Digital Building executes final inspections for the highest quality results. We strategically design our products - from production to installation - to create cost and time-effective solutions compared to traditional building methods. Check out Digital Building’s Project Portfolio and our Product Page for more information on our customized solutions.

If you’re a contractor or developer and want to learn more about how prefabrication methods can benefit your next build, please visit our Contact Page and message us!

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