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  • Q2 Townhall 210816 1

    In Appreciation of the Team – (read more)

    Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Digital Building Components! While the construction industry has begun to recover from 2020, economists project the road ahead will be long. As we navigate potential roadblocks and potholes—from supply chain issues to the ongoing pandemic—we understand how incredibly fortunate we are to have the team we do. Not only have we risen together to meet the challenges of 2021, but we’ve also reached some impressive milestones of our own this year.

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  • 1000 Days Graphic

    The Proof is in the Numbers: 1,000 Days of Zero Safety Incidences – (read more)

    Some of the most alarming statics in the construction industry center around safety incidences. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately 20% of worker fatalities took place in the field of construction, “accounting for one in five worker deaths for the year.” Further underscoring jobsite risk, the accident rate is on average 71 percent higher than in other industries, resulting in workers’ compensation claims that hover around an estimated $2.5 billion.

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  • Factory 210826 1

    The Power of Quality Control on Prefab Outcomes An Interview with Digital Building’s Quality Control Manager – (read more)

    One of most desirable attributes of digital fabrication is that it ensures predictable outcomes. By transforming virtual models directly into precise-to-spec building components, materials are designed and fabricated to fit into the building architecture from a project’s onset. Exact components reduce the need for rework onsite. This, in turn, significantly improves product compatibility, install times and overall construction schedules.

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  • CIW DBC Social

    Building Positive Change - Construction Inclusion Week 2021 – (read more)

    As the push to create diversity, equity and inclusion continues in workplaces around the world, the construction industry is rising the occasion. In 2020, a group of six leading general contractors in the U.S. invented “Time for Change”—a consortium created with the sole purpose of identifying ways to advance a culture of impartiality and acceptance in construction.

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  • Emerson 14 of 70

    Digital Building Closeup – Empowering a Culture of Proactive Safety – (read more)

    Traditionally, the construction industry is associated with being a dangerous working environment. This is in part due to heavy machinery, high traffic, lofty heights and sometimes irregular work conditions that make accidents incredibly hard to avoid on site. In fact, injury rates within this industry are on average 71% higher than in other industries. With alarming statistics like this in mind, Digital Building’s prefabricated manufacturing process is consistently working to change the narrative of hazardous building, just as they have since the company’s inception. In fact, with an emphasis on workplace safety, Digital Building has managed to go approximately 905 days without a recordable safety incident.

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