Block 75 Hyatt Dual-Branded Hotel

Tampa, FL

Exterior street view of Block 75 Hyatt Dual-Branded Hotel

DBC fast-tracked this design-build hotel project, fully installing each floor in 2-3 working days with a total of 600 exterior panels.

The design-build dual-branded Hyatt hotel mixed-use project includes a 17-story, 230-key Hyatt Place hotel and a 115-room Hyatt  House hotel. Constructing a high-rise hotel in the middle of a busy downtown provided schedule and safety challenges that DBC solved using X-Series prefabricated wall panels with a multi-colored EIFS system.

A total of 600 exterior panels were manufactured off-site and carefully planned for delivery and installation. DBC fast-tracked the project, fully installing each floor in 2-3 working days and at an average pace of 2,000-sq.-ft. per shift. The panels on floors 4-17 were installed at night to avoid busy daytime schedule variables and to have less effect on the community. By using a prefabricated approach, the dry-in process was also completed quicker, shaving off more time from the overall schedule. 

Constructing a high-rise presented safety concerns, but the team completed the project with zero recordable safety incidents because most of the work was completed off-site and eliminated debris from EIFS and the use of mast climbers.

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