Digital Building Components at DPR Construction's New Genesis Facility

Digital Building Components recently finished manufacturing and installing load-bearing CFS panels for our supporting parent company, DPR Construction. The new 100,00 sq. ft. regional prefabrication research and development center, Genesis, is located in Durham, North Carolina, at The Keith’s Corporation site within the 104-acre Research Triangle Park (RTP).

In Phoenix, Arizona, Digital Building Components manufactured 1,500 sq. ft. of our S-Series structural system for the Genesis project. Our products minimize construction timelines and budgets, an essential piece to DPR’s prefabricated construction approach. DPR Construction understands the value of prefabrication construction and its significant impact on any job.

After finalizing panel designs, Digital Building initiated our manufacturing process, where each piece component is robotically cut based on the digital model. This methodology ensures our products maintain dimensional consistency, stability, and quality. We use automated and lean manufacturing processes combined with human inspections to achieve low-cost, fast install, superior quality results.

DPR Construction’s Genesis project integrates all of Digital Building Components’ best practices, from efficient manufacturing to accelerated delivery and installation. We both significantly align with our dedication to sustainable methodologies throughout the build process. A prefabricated approach minimizes onsite and offsite material waste and energy by producing each component on a "made-to-order" basis according to their unique specifications. These practices will add to DPR Construction’s facility goal of Net-Zero Energy, WELL Silver, and LEED Certification.

Genesis is a valuable asset to the surrounding buildings and operations in the Research Triangle Park. It offers new space for the park’s companies that focus on various biotechnologies, pharmaceuticals, and other life sciences. The Genesis facility will essentially be a “living laboratory” that will develop prefabrication and virtual design techniques in the architecture and engineering industries.

Check out DPR Construction’s video on the collaborative build approach for the Genesis facility here: The project recently opened on Wednesday, February 9th.

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