Texas Health Resources - Alliance Vertical Expansion

Fort Worth, TX

Street view close-up of THR's Alliance Vertical Expansion

Using DBC's prefabricated X-Series panels eliminates the need for scaffolding - increasing overall safety and installation efficiency.

DBC manufactured and installed X-Series exterior, drainable panels (EIFS) and composite metal panels (ACM) for THR’s Alliance Vertical Expansion project, a three-story vertical expansion over the recently completed and occupied Emergency Department expansion. DBC also provided unfinished sheathed panels to be installed behind masonry in areas that could be scaffolded from the ground.

Multiple challenges were solved using DBC's X-Series panels. The existing roof could not support the weight of conventional scaffolding, nor could shoring be placed in the existing Emergency Room below. With prefabricated finished wall panels, scaffolding is not necessary. Eliminating the need for scaffolding increases overall safety and installation efficiency.

Next, opening existing building envelopes can lead to costly weather intrusions. DBC's exterior panels dry-in the building three times faster than conventional methods. So instead of a three-month traditional install timeline, our team completed the prefabricated panel install in only 19 days, reducing the risk of weather intrusions. 

The cost of these panels was more affordable than a conventional approach, allowing the GC team to get a turnkey exterior package at a better price and without the fight against roof damage from traditional trades and scaffolding. 

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