Technology in Construction Part 2 – Delivering Superior Quality, Custom Prefab Solutions

Digitally Designed

At Digital Building Components, we engage design teams early on and consider project-specific factors like constructability, value, efficiency and quality. By collaborating directly with design team members, we’re able to produce components in precise accordance with building architecture using a virtual model. Following a thorough review of the complete building system, we begin manufacturing the product.

Using proprietary software, data from the model is sent directly to automatic equipment, which handles all measuring and cutting tasks. For example, our CNC machine takes output from the model directly to the roll former. The automated system tells it where it should be, rolls specific studs, tracks and then labels the ID for the specific part. With this near exact process, Digital Building avoids a large margin for error that all too often impacts companies who build from printouts. In fact, traditional human interpretation of details, such as measuring and cutting, leads to more than 95% of the rework in construction. With Digital Building’s computer controlled and automatically adjusting process, we eliminate these conventional and wasteful steps to yield significantly higher-quality, project-specific products.

Custom Not Cookie Cutter

While our computer-controlled construction allows us to batch components, it does not amount to repeatable or derivative solutions. In fact, the outcome is quite the opposite. Since all fabrication data is fed directly from the model to our machine, Digital Building Components can provide more in-depth customization with no more complexity than what is typically involved when creating repeatable products. In fact, 90% of Digital Building’s solutions are custom. This differs from other prefabrication companies who require numerous templates and fixture changes to achieve project-specific solutions. For this reason, digitally native and automated systems serve as the solution to removing the creative limits so often placed on customization within the prefab industry.

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