In Appreciation of the Team

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Digital Building Components! While the construction industry has begun to recover from 2020, economists project the road ahead will be long. As we navigate potential roadblocks and potholes—from supply chain issues to the ongoing pandemic—we understand how incredibly fortunate we are to have the team we do. Not only have we risen together to meet the challenges of 2021, but we’ve also reached some impressive milestones of our own this year.

Topping the list, we just went 1,000 days without a recordable safety incident! This is huge considering the acknowledged dangers of construction. While we continue to prioritize a facility and processes that mitigate risk, we are thankful for our team’s commitment to safety. Certainly, we could not have passed this milestone without every person at Digital Building Components, from quality control and operations to administration. We want to tip our hats to each and every team member for creating a safer work environment.

We are also thankful for our customers’ belief in our digitally fabricated interior and exterior building panels and their desire to change the way the industry builds. Thanks to these builders, contractors and specifiers, we have the opportunity to speed up project completion while also lowering labor costs and eliminating waste. Whether we’re fabricating 3,000 sq. ft. of wall panels a day to exact standards, reducing carbon emissions typically created in traditional construction or recycling all metal scraps, we are building a more sustainable industry together.

Finally, we are thankful to have celebrated the first ever Construction Inclusion Week in October. Even though our products help build walls, we want to open our spaces to anyone passionate about bringing technological precision to construction. We know solving big problems requires a wide diversity of perspectives. With that in mind, we provide hands on training to new employees to tighten the skills gap and create an inclusive and educated crew. Again, we thank our team members for fostering a collaborative environment that is igniting change in the construction industry.

If you’re interested in joining our team or learning more about how we can partner with you to increase the safety of your next project, contact us.

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