Digital Building takes another step towards changing the way people build

Prefab, MCM, and a unique design approach coming together in one product for Digital Building Components.

Digital Building Components has completed phase on of a two-phase exterior project in Tucson, AZ. The Digital Building Install team successfully erected the 10,000 sq. ft. building in less than eight workings days. Altogether, the project consisted of over 100+ MCM exterior panels.

Although efficient, Digital Building faced a glaring complexity during installation. “One of the glaring complexities we faced is that at one point we were forced to install in front of a CMU wall,” Digital Building PE Daniel Friego said. “Typically, we like to anchor a panel from behind, and in this case, we were not able to do that.”

In order to install in front of the CMU wall, Digital Building fabricated double wide MCM panels to help mount more securely to the building. Prior to installation, the Digital Building team pre-drilled tracks into the CMU wall that gave the team a map to slide the panels into place during install. “This project proved to be a huge company milestone. Installing kitted MCM panels in front of a CMU wall is something we have never done and is definitely a step forward for Digital Building,” Friego said.

Repeatability is the key to executing prefab, but no two buildings are created the same. Complexities arise at every planning phase which is why it is imperative that Digital Building be involved at the beginning stages of any project. “Especially for this project’s success, it was imperative that Digital Building was involved from the beginning design phases. This ensured we know every aspect of the project and we were able to think ahead early on. This made it easy for the team to conquer the complexities and made for a efficient install.” Friego said.

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