Digital Building Puts Finishing Touches on First-Time Project in North Carolina

Prefab, repeatability, and healthcare design coming together in one product for Digital Building.

Digital Building Components has put the finishing touches on a first-time project for a Healthcare Client in North Carolina. 36 Headwalls, each weighing approximately 1500 pounds, were installed on the thirst story of a new hospital being developed in Charlotte. An additional four headwalls were installed on the first floor of the building.

“This job in particular was pretty tricky, but fortunately it went without a hitch and everyone, with their diligent effort, was able to finish this job adequately,” said Digital Building Shop Lead Alex Fopiano. Digital Building was able to complete the project with zero recordable safety incidences.

Not only does a 1,500-pound headwall pose safety threats during fabrication and install, it poses a risk of efficiency. Dealing with heavy panels requires special care to ensure that the integrity of the headwall remains up to the Digital Building standard. Even with the added challenges, Digital Building was able to fabricate and install 40 headwalls quicker than originally anticipated.

“This project has been pretty exciting and a pretty big learning curve for” said Digital Building Project Manager Gaya Umashankar. “(I’m) Learning a lot from the install and then taking it to the next project or next product.”

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