Building Positive Change - Construction Inclusion Week 2021

DBC employee group photo celebrating Construction Inclusion Week

As the push to create diversity, equity and inclusion continues in workplaces around the world, the construction industry is rising the occasion. In 2020, a group of six leading general contractors in the U.S. invented “Time for Change”—a consortium created with the sole purpose of identifying ways to advance a culture of impartiality and acceptance in construction.

Now, thanks to the organization’s efforts to champion this change, the industry is holding its first ever Construction Inclusion Week, October 18- 22, 2021. With content and resources designed to promote inclusion and foster awareness-based conversations, this week enables participants to take steps forward in regard to diversity and inclusion within the industry. These steps are not only meaningful, but also necessary considering that the construction industry has been historically homogenous throughout the years. In fact, the numbers reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics are startling; the collective industry is approximately 82% White, 30% Hispanic or Latino, 6% Black, 2% Asian, and about 90% male.

Although these rooted issues cannot be solved over the course of five days, Construction Inclusion Week is a good place to start. And with more than 1,100 construction industry firms throughout North and Central America participating this year, Digital Building Components is excited to help unite in a common focus that centers around fostering sustainable and buildable change.

We know the importance of innovation within the construction industry. And while our advanced technology is a large part of our process, another way we tackle big problems within our daily work is through a wide diversity of perspectives. By working together, learning from one another and being consistent in our commitments and actions towards maintaining a safe and inclusive work environment, we can make a positive impact on our industry. There is important work to be done, and we believe it’s more essential than ever to ignite change for tomorrow’s workforce.

If you’d like to join us in building a foundation for inclusion, check out the Construction Inclusion Week website and share how your organization is working to advance this mission.

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