Digital Building Components’ load-bearing structural systems are the best value for your project, when speed of installation, product quality, and long-term durability of materials are taken into account.

Digital Building Components vs. Cast-in-Place Concrete or Structural Steel
Saves up to 20% in direct costs of scope
Reduces CM/GC costs due to faster installation
Reduces costs of follow-on trades by simplifying downstream work
Saves up to 15% of overall project cost depending on location and design

Digital Building Components vs. Wood Framed Structures (Type V Construction)
Classifies as Type II-B to Type I-A depending upon the installation details used
Allows greater allowable areas than Type V
Superior mold/fungi and fire resistance, dimensional consistency and stability, and quality
Lower premiums for builder’s risk and property insurance policies
Lowest cost option available when local code does not allow Type V

With Digital Building Components, you are in the driver’s seat: we work using dimensional standards common to the steel industry, so you are never beholden to our delivery method if you choose to make future changes to your building.

Using load-bearing walls rather than column and beam construction, this system is best suited for projects which can accommodate interior fixed wall locations. For a wide range of building types, our load-bearing structural system is the fastest installed, lowest cost option.