Transforming virtual models directly into precise-to-spec building components

Our process reduces the waste of rethinking and measuring, and products are fabricated in an efficient factory-controlled environment. The result: A lean construction operation that results in near zero material waste and lower labor costs in the field.

01 Digital Project-Specific Design
Two individuals discuss a model projected on a large screen.

01 Digital Project-Specific Design

Digital Building Components begins working on your project during the early design phase. We work closely with you to develop the best options for constructability, value, efficiency and quality for your specific project.

Digital Building Components doesn’t change the design, we optimize it for the DfMA process* – identifying how building elements (walls, decks, partitions) can be efficiently delivered. Collaborating with design team members, we model our components to fit perfectly into the building architecture using a virtual model. After reviewing the complete building system for compatibility and verifying that there are no conflicts, we begin manufacturing the product.

02 02 Digital Fabrication
Close up of a panelized wall system.

02 Digital Fabrication

Digital Building Components uses proprietary patented software to fabricate directly from the model, using lean production methods in a paperless environment. We eliminate the conventional, wasteful steps of cutting retail-sized materials, and costs are fewer in the factory compared to the jobsite.

Our fabrication process begins at the commodity level. Fabrication data is fed directly to automatic equipment, which handle all measuring and cutting tasks. Because traditional human interpretation of details, measuring and cutting leads to more than 95% of the rework in construction, our methods yield significantly higher-quality products for your project.

We meet production standards by taking regular quality assurance measurements on all our equipment. Our employees perform a visual inspection of every panel as it leaves the factory and is loaded for transport. We can also provide photographic documentation of each panel prior to loading for delivery.

Performing digital fabrication concurrently with site erection of the superstructure reduces the overall duration of construction, saving valuable time and minimizing additional costs associated with a longer construction duration.

03 Planning and Installation
A worker on a job site wearing PPE supports a hoisted panelized wall system.

03 Planning and Installation

Digital Building Components’ field crews and management team are fully involved throughout the project to support our clients, from the beginning of planning through final installation.

Using model-based sequencing, our team works hand in hand with the general contractor to lay out an execution plan that maximizes schedule advantages in our delivery process. Once established, this sequencing plan becomes the basis for tracking digital fabrication delivery and installation.

During the fabrication phase, we pull information from the design and fabrication model to optimize bunking, trucking, logistics and installation. Finally, we ensure that onsite crews are familiar with our products and how they are installed, resulting in less manpower needed in the field.

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