By driving predictability into the construction phase, Digital Building Components can save you valuable time on your project’s interior build-out. You gain labor efficiencies and cost savings when we solve complicated in-wall coordination issues in the model, in advance of the field schedule.

Benefits of digitally fabricated interior panels:
Eliminate the “re-thinking” waste associated with interpreting shop drawings, measuring, and cutting in the field where labor costs are highest
Eliminate quality issues associated with screw heads and build-up at openings
Reduce taping and finishing labor by about 10% due to flatter surfaces with fewer joints
Save up to 15% of hanging costs by optimizing stud spacing for less sheetrock cutting

Digitally fabricated interior panels are the best option for your technical buildings, where speed, quality, and reduced cost are key. 

TeKwall Panels

TEKwall: Advanced Panelized Interior Walls for Your Building

TEKwall combines the benefits of modular construction with customization of wall assembly sizes, framing configurations and in-wall MEP systems. It’s a prefabricated product that is ready for your interior finishes.

With TEKwall panels, you control the outcome. We match your design using our UL catalog. Devices are pre-installed on each TEKwall panel for quick connection to systems on-site.

Using TEKwall, projects can save up to 20% on the interior construction schedule.


TEKwall panels are IAPMO UES certified; in-wall electrical and low-voltage is UL listed.