Digital Building Components can save your project up to 20% of the cost of the exterior framing and finish system. By shifting from a labor intensive, conventional site-built approach, you gain significant cost efficiencies with work performed in an automated factory environment.

Benefits of digitally fabricated exterior finish panels:
Achieve building dry-in faster than any site-built skin system
Install up to five times faster than conventional methods
No special certifications or approvals needed

Performing digital fabrication in parallel with the site erection of the superstructure reduces the construction duration, saving your project valuable time and further costs that coincide with a shorter construction duration.

It’s the best option for those looking for quality and speed on projects with less articulation and fairly uniform openings. 


Finished Exteriors

With your choice of metal, composite, and cementitious finishes, Digital Building Components gives you more options than any other factory built system.

We adapt our framing, sheathing, and waterproofing system to meet the demands of the finished exterior.

With finished exterior panels, you can get a faster schedule for occupancy, without sacrificing quality and style.